If you’ve been following our progress on Twitter then it won’t have escaped you that we ventured down to the capital last week to brew a beer in cahoots with the guys at Weird Beard Brew Co.

The plan was to brew a 9% abv Belgian Tripel, and the plan came together rather nicely. The Northern Monk Brethren were joined by Elusive Brewing’s Andy Parker, another homebrewer going pro and who recently brewed his Nelson Saison with Weird Beard – which we got a sneak preview of during our brewday, a cracking beer for sure, and if you see it on the bar fill your glass (and pay of course).

While Gregg and Alison watched the Lions beat Australia, Team Monk filled the mash tun with Pilsner and Munich malts and worked up a thirst. Luckily for us Weird Beard have a bar and it was well stocked with Mariana Trench and Black Perle among others. Elevenses’ out of the way, the Magnum and Cascade hops were weighed out and the boil was rolling. Despite this being a Saturday and the relaxed atmosphere, the brewery was ticking over, with bottles clinking down the labelling machine and the intermittent honk-honk of the forklift.

To the visitors Gregg received that day, “Operation Bad Habit” would come across as a well-oiled machine – some of the team more well-oiled than others. Hops and sugar additions were made by a mysterious robed character. With our gravity target nailed the beer was cooled and transferred onto a healthy looking pitch of WLP 545 yeast. It smelled amazing!

As Gregg and Alison reclined on bails of twenty pound notes and sipped ‘Saison 14’, Team Monk and the elusive Andy dug, scrubbed, swept and swilled.

Bad Habit will be launched at the Birmingham Beer Bash, July 26th-27th and we’ll all be there to pour your drinks and chat. We hope to see you there!

Thanks to Weird Beard for this opportunity and we can’t wait to taste the beer!