Brigantes Brethren

With our collaberation with The Celt Experience coming to Northern Monk, we’ve delved into our shared history through the common language and culture of the Celtics. Yorkshire, or as it was known Brigantia, was home to the Brigantes, a Celtic tribe who in pre-Roman times controlled the largest section of now northern England. Brigantes derived their name from the goddes Brigantia, a name that orginated as an byname for simply meaning “the high one” or “the elevated one”. It is then, within reason that the ethnonym Brigantes may either translate to “the high, noble ones” or to “highlanders”, because of their nobility, or simply due to the fact that the inhabitants lived high in the Pennes.

After the Roman Conquest, the Brigantes were formed into a very large states that covered most of Yorkshire, Cleveland, Durham and Lancashire. An important centre for the Brigantes would be formed in Stanwick, North Yorkshire in the first century CE. This would be the captial in which Queen Cartimandua would rule the Brigantes. It is uncertain when Queen Cartimandua came to power, but what is known, she was of “illustrious birth” according to the Roman historian Tacitus, so it is likely she inherited her power. She and her followers were loyal to Rome, as in 51 CE she handed over the the British resistanceleader Caratacus after hus defeate by Ostorius Scapula in Wales, a desicion that would bring her great wealth, admeration and her first mention in Roman history, however only until 69 CE when her deserted husband rebels and removes her from power and history.

The Brigantes, now under Venutius set out to rebel against the Roman invaders only to be quashed in 73 CE. It would be a theme continued over two generations of Roman expansion and rebelions by Brigantes until they were overcome and the Brigantes suffer the loss of their territories, which were broken up and controlled under direct Roman military rule.

Come share our common good and raise a glass to our early ansestories we The Celt Experience and Northern Monk