Eastern Delights

This week Grub and Grog host Dorshi, a very special pop-up restaurant from the market town of Bridport, Dorset. Their reimagining of sushi, dumplings and more far eastern delicacies has earnt them notoriety throughout England, not to mention the fact that all their ingredients are locally sourced.

So what better way to celebrate this culinary delight by delving into a little Chinese philosophy with Evil Twin Brewery’s Yin & Yang Black IPA in hand.

Like the making of a perfectly mix Black IPA, there must be basic foundations to follow in any philosophical thought. In Chinese philosophy lie three fundamental ideas. Ying-Yang is something in the fabric of nature and mind, throughout all existence. Interaction, know as jiao, between the waxing (the moon ‘increases’ in size, as it is illuminated) and waning (‘decreasing’ in size as it is less illuminated) of the cosmic and human realms and finally as a process of harmonization ensuring a constant, dynamic balance of all things.

Just as there is sunlight during the day, described as Yang, there is also a lack of light in the night and we get the darkness, Yin.

This is a perfect metaphor for the Black and Tan of the IPA. With one half an Imperial IPA: smooth, high hop flavour with gold colouring. While the Imperial stout: a deep dark colour with a complexity of flavours and high malt content. But together, comes the dynamic balance of an interesting drink. It’s a creamy, yet carbonated drink that’s easy on the pallet. With its taste of malt, hops, chocolate, and coffee, you’ll find it finishes with a light bitter hoppiness.

Naturally you can try either the Imperial IPA or Stout alone, but remember one must keep the balance in order.

Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed: Two Roads Brewing Co, CT
ABV: 10

Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed: Two Roads Brewing Co, CT
ABV: 10