Edward St Bakery is a craft bakery based in Saltaire set up by Jeremy Belsten and Lisa Fraser.

After years of working in various kitchens, a joke about the ‘Notorious Cherry Bun Two’ (a fictional pair of criminal bakers) and a shared obsession for bread, cake and pizza led us to open Edward St Bakery.

We bake at 6 Edward St, where we have converted the down stairs of a house into a fully functioning bakery. Currently we open to the public for pop up bakery events and supply various business’s with bread, cakes, pies, and all that happy jazz.

An increasing amount of our bread is leavened using beer barm as oppose to traditional bakers yeast. The various barm’s add a distinctive and pronounced flavour to the finished loaf.

Hops are ace, but not so much for baking as they produce an overwhelming bitterness. To extract their happy floral scent we infuse them in our flour. Placing the hops in a fabric pouch for a week in the flour, adding fresh hops every couple of days. This gives us all the joy of the fragrance without imparting any bitterness.

We use a ‘sponge’ method for all our baking. This is a 2 stage process in which we ferment the dough over a 24 hour period. This process creates delightful flavour as well as beginning to ferment the gluten, resulting in a more digestible loaf. To the ‘sponge’ we add malts, which give great flavour and help the yeast work. Adding malts at this stage improve the yeasts performance giving superior results in the finished loaf.

We rarely use an actual finished beer in our bread, instead we try to recreate the flavour using the ingredients that go into making it.

As we begin a month long ‘pie pop up’ at Northern Monk Refectory we are full of super excitement. Hello beer, meet pie. Its the business! Big time smiles. We look forward to many more collaborations with Northern Monk.

Using their delightful beer we have created a range of 5 pies, together with peas, chips and gravy. You can also get your cake on with our range of the sweet stuff. Treat your best mate ey?

Welcome to the North! Northern Monk and Edward St Bakery doing it proper and bringing it big stylie! Pies, beer, peace & love.