With a little over a week to go, we’re working hard on putting the finishing touches to the very first Hop City festival – and very much looking forward to the beers pouring next Thursday! The festival is very close to being a sell out, and we’d like to thank everyone who has bought tickets so far. There have been many, many questions about the festival, so we’ll try to answer as many as possible here, as well as shedding some light on the overall format and our thought process for this brand new festival.


The festival sessions will run Thursday 6pm-11pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-4pm & 6pm-11pm. Afternoon session attendees will have until 4.30 to leave the premises, and pouring will cease at 3.45pm & 10.45pm respectively – we ask that all of our guests please be considerate & respectful to surrounding residents when leaving the festival.


We hope you’ll agree that the beer list is pretty banging, there are a number of firsts and also a slew of beers that have never reached these shores ‘officially’. All sessions start with the same line-up: 1. Because it’s ace & 2. Because we wanted to be sure that we could put the kibosh on FOMO and give all attendees equal opportunity to try all the beers that we’ve gone through hell and high water to get to you. So whether you are coming on Thursday evening or Saturday evening, you will have equal access to the same amazing beers.

Draught beers will be served in third pint measures, and will cost 1 token for one measure with the tokens costing £2.50 each. You will be able to purchase tokens from two locations at the festival using either cash or card payments, and there will be a token bundle of 9 tokens for £20 available also. Tokens will be refundable at our token stands at the end of each session, they will not be refundable post festival.

Please note The Alchemist beers are canned and will be served in FULL CANS at the request of the brewery – they’re serious about this, they print it on the can. As such, beers from The Alchemist are priced at 3 tokens per can. The Alchemist are the only brewery that this applies to, everything else will be poured in the draught measures mentioned above.


Hoppy beers are best fresh. To ensure the highest standards of freshness and quality, we have managed the transportation of all our international beers with great care. Other Half & Alchemist’s products have been cold-chain airfreighted from the USA, while our Scandinavian beers have been fast tracked over from the continent by our friends at The Bottle Shop & Vertical Drinks. You won’t get these beers fresher anywhere in the UK (maybe unless you know a friendly mule but that’s cheating.)

As a result of the somewhat eye watering import costs and in the interests of actually being able to bring you HopCity 2018/19/20 etc., we have to draw a line with regards to volumes. This most noticeably will affect Alchemist, where there’s a limit of one can of each beer per person. Be understanding and remember sharing is caring. The Luscious Imperial Stout & Farmer’s Daughter are even more limited than Heady and Focal – you’ve been warned. Some of the most popular beers may run dry towards the end of the session but there’s so much great stuff across all the breweries we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.

ALSO, just look at the list mate – it’s amazing, we’re super happy and very confident that we bringing the absolute best of Hoppy beer to Leeds this Easter and we’re stoked that you’re gonna get so much NEW STUFF.


No products available to takeaway during the festival whatsoever, it’s a festival and normal licensing rules apply, we’ll do a shop next year perhaps, smugglers and mules if caught will be barred permanently. We are working on plans to have an Open Day on Sunday 16th April, any remaining beers will be available for general sale, takeaway and growler fills.


We’re super lucky to present a number of magnificent food traders to keep those tummies lined at Hop City. We will have Patty Smith’s Burgers, Dim Sum Su, My Thai, Manjits Kitchen, ParmStar and Holy Crab all slinging their wares your way and Karkli & Soffles Chips providing the beery snacks. All food traders will be operating a non-token policy so please make sure you have alternative payment available. There are cash points at Leeds Central Station and on Water Lane for withdrawals.


The Northern Monk Refectory bar will be supplying their regular range of soft drinks, wine and spirits throughout the festival for non-beer drinkers. These will also non-token items, card facilities are available inside the Refectory.


Enjoy yourself, drink some great beer, be kind to others and know your limits eh

floor plan for Hop City Festival