NMBCo meets Martyn Cornell

Northern Monk is built on collaborations: so far we’ve worked with Maggie at Loaded Kitchen on recipes and food pairings at events, Weird Beard on the Belgian Tripel ‘Bad Habit’, All Gates Brewery on a collaboration beer to be released later in the year, Ejectos and Tankpetrol on art installations, Lorne Campbell on our photography… The list goes on and we hope there will be plenty more to come.

One of the collaborations we’re most excited about is working with Martyn Cornell. At Northern Monk we take some of our inspiration from the flourishing beer scene in the US but in reality one of the catalysts for this was the beer scene in the UK. With styles that are now synonymous with ‘American Craft Beer’ (such as the American Style IPAs which were originally an attempt to re-create the British IPAs of old) the world of beer is an ever evolving cycle.

We’re keen to explore some of the history behind the beer styles that we brew and the rich history of brewing in this country. Unfortunately we’re not historians and we wanted to get this right, so we contacted Martyn. Martyn is the author of Amber, Gold and Black, a book that gives the full history of British beer styles, as well as Beer: The story of the pint.

You can find Martyn on twitter @zythophiliac and his blog zythophile.wordpress.com. He will be helping with some of the history behind our beer as well as advising on some of our future recipes.