NMBCo X Cloudwater Brewery

Cloudwaters aim is to brew simple, yet elegant beers using all ingredients found in the scarcity and abundance of what the natural environment offers. With each changing season, comes our own adaptation to it and Cloudwater want to reflect this in their creations. With this love for the variation in climates and elements they produce, we are set to be taken into an odyssey of old recipes and new experiments with both traditional and cutting edge techniques to create modern seasonal beer.

James Campbell had left Marble Brewery late in 2013, he and Paul Jones began discussing the possibility of joining in a new brewering venture. It wasnt until summer 2014 they had secured a location. With James’s knowledge and experience at Marble, the team would already be off to a good start, but a good brewer doesn’t always make for a good beer. In the current climate of ‘craft ale’ popping up everywhere, each new brewery has to make a statement to stand out above the rest and in an interview with Manchester Ale News in January, Paul commented that After ‘seeing (James’s) vigour and excitement grow over the months has been deeply pleasing. (Often, experienced brewers have) seen it al before, so seeing him joyful and enthusiastic as our plans formed and were actioned has been infectiously affirming.” The two were later joined by two good friends of Paul, Al Wall, an experimental home brewer and an experienced bar manager, and Will France who earned his stripes with Summer Wine Brewery, while also previously managing bars. It’s clear that these guys though coming from various scenes, have the experience to suppass it. With over 20 years brewing experience and 27 years of retail experience in the team, they have no one to impress or prove their worth to.

For the tap take over you can expect beers like a Spring Pale, an American Pale Ale, Grizette Ale, Simcoe Hopfen Weisse, Lager and an IPA.