Northern Monk Brew Co. The Next Chapter

In late July 2013, we launched Northern Monk Brew Co, with a pocket full of dreams, enough capital to get the wheels slowly in motion, some incredible support from friends and family and a knapsack full of hops.

We launched with New World IPA. Despite the frustration of brewing on someone else’s kit, and with some of the process out of our control, this was our very first beer and it was big and it was bold and it was a great start… Right?

Here are some of the things people had to say:

“And what a way to announce yourself. A big, juicy, delicious IPA wrapped in an excellent label.” –

“Drinking a pre release @NMBCo New World IPA. Fantastic” Kitch @ Friends of Ham

“What a debut, great beer! Powerful flavours, great weight, lovely long finish. How do we get some?” –

We admittedly didn’t rock Boak and Bailey’s world but on the beer they said: “Thoughts on the beer: entirely accomplished and professional without a hint of ‘dodgy homebrew’ about it; bright and clean; sticky marmalade with a touch of pipe tobacco; a brick wall of bitterness. Really bloody good.” –

“This is a reinvention of an English IPA to the Nth degree!” – This Beer Blog

“This is fucking awesome. I just want to sit here and nurse it all night, but I know I won’t because it’s tasty. It’s just so well balanced and a fucking awesome first commercial release and I’m impatiently awaiting the next!” –

“The @NMBCo New World IPA was worth the wait. Big punch of bitterness followed up by fruits and well balanced maltiness…” – @tim_parkinson

“ I’m happy to say that New World IPA is a great example of what it is intended to be. The first impression is excellent, with a lovely fresh aroma of pine and apricots. The taste is well-balanced, with a nice mix of fruity sweetness and a good lasting bitterness.” – The Beer Prole

“@NMBCo I really enjoyed it. It had the feel of a canned US IPA, like modus hoperandi. Same malt and bitterness profile and fresh hops.” – @DnFldng

“Loving @NMBCo New World IPA 6.2%! Cracking aroma of gooseberry & mango fruit, banging bitterness, delicate sweetness, remarkable body!” – @BeerBeauty

“just had New World IPA on tap and it was awesome boo ya” – @bierebelle

“Loving the big bold New World IPA @NMBCo tastes smells & looks fab. Great 1st brew.” – @mbell739

“The north is here – at our house ! Very hoppy on the palate, fruity, dry with a bitter finish – we like it ! We like it a lot !” –

“The new world IPA from @NMBCo is damn tasty, great work, great video and great chaps and I want to know who’s under the monks cloak” – @narrab72

Inevitably there were those who were not so enamoured with our New World IPA, Northern Monk or the way in which we started business. We launched at a particularly difficult time in the market, with more than just the challenges of brewing on an unfamiliar kit to face. Those pressures have taken their toll and with the highs have come particularly tough times. These and the stresses of juggling a young family and ‘day job’ mean that David Bishop has decided to step down from the day to day running of Northern Monk. It is with real regret that we announce his decision to leave. The door here will be open to David and he remains a good friend.

You can catch him serving our latest release Strannik and say your farewells / welcome back Broadford Brewer at Leeds International Beer Festival on the Saturday session at our bar.

Due to the support we’ve been shown and the reception we’ve received by so many we are now in a position to scale up to a 10BBL plant . We’re talking to some talented brewers with a view to appoint, build and brew on our own kit. As. Fast. As. We. Can. If you are interested in this position, please get in touch at drink [at] This would not have been possible without you and your support has been invaluable. Love from the North. NMBCo.