Proud to be Nomadic

There’s a common question being asked of us; “where do you brew your beer?”. We are “common brewers” and the buildings of our community are not set in stone. We do not have a complex of buildings, nor a humble railway arch. The question is – is it the buildings that define a community, or the people within it? In our company’s infancy we are borrowing, or rather paying for time on another brewery’s kit. This means our beer is brewed by us, based on our recipe but we do not own the equipment that we use to brew it. Our vision is to own a kit and house it in our community as soon as possible. We are brewing our first beers at Hambleton Ales, Melmerby (nr Ripon, North Yorkshire) and have recently travelled to the Capital to brew a collaboration beer with Weird Beard Brew Co. We are open to offers of collaboration and would also be very interested to hear of a brew kit with spare time on it’s hands. However this will not form part of our “About” and we will not have a permanent page dedicated to the practice of cuckoo brewing or where we last brewed. This method of brewing does not define us, it is not who we are, it is where we are at.

This arrangement inevitably brings its own hardships and challenges and we have to work incredibly hard to produce the beer we want to on an unfamiliar kit, working with unfamiliar people. Having said that, we’re happy with this arrangement (for now) whilst we can continue to produce beer we are proud of, this arrangment works. Maybe one day it will become part of our “About” or who we are and we will continue to cuckoo brew for the lifespan of our business. Time will tell… At the moment we are nomadic and proud to be so.