The North is Coming

The North is almost here. We launch in 8 days. To celebrate this, we sent over 300 NMBCo. stickers to all corners of the UK and some even further afield. We had entries from Canada, the USA, Portugal, Spain and across the UK. We had entries that made us laugh, wince and a number that we don’t have the legal budget to publicise, re-tweet or blog about. These were valid and appreciated all the same…

It was incredibly hard to choose but our favourites and the winners of The North is Coming are:

1. Steve Syson (@marrisotter)

Keep calm the North is coming.

Steve had some great entries, this being our favourite. Particularly appropriate in the run up to launch…

2. James McIntyre (@gammonbaron)

North Bar

James’ picture taken in North Bar Leeds was chosen purely for beer and Northern related reasons.

3. Andrew – Email entry.

Nprthern monk sunbathing

Andrew sent us a picture of an NMBCo Monk sunbathing. Nuff said.

4. Dave Naylor (@fourstringdave)

open hand in foreground with Northern Monk sticker on palm

Dave’s Northern high five with an iconic Northern building in the background was ace. There was once a brewery where this building now stands, which meant this entry was worthy of extra points.

Special mentions to: David J Bascombe (@mrdavidj), Beer Drinker (@A_Beer_Odyssey), Daniel Vane (@Danielvane), Tom Rowlinson (email), Craig (@dunloptired), Chris Clough (@9squirrelsbrew), James Bisset (@jamesbisset), Claudia Asch (@crasch77). We’ll be in touch to show our appreciation.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part. The winners packs will be sent in the coming days.