“Wit beer, is that like a wheat beer?”

Its History

The Wit beer, or Wheat beer, is thought to have been brewed as far back as 1040 AD at the oldest brewery, Brauerei Weihenstephan in Freising, Germany. It’s name was given because the lighter colour of the ale than that of the tradition beers of the time. The reason behind this was due to the resources available to them, wheat grain and barley were both used along with various spices and other flavoursome ingredients.

However, the Wit beer roots lay in Belgium. Like the rest of Europe, monasteries would brew beer for distribution. Its first recorded mention was in the 14th century. Each region would produce its own unique ale, however it was the area of Louvain that became known for its witbiers.

The difference?

The German style weissbier would use yeast and wheat (where Hefeweizen directly takes its name from). There is usually a noticeable yeast sediment and a hazy appearance, while its colour can range from light to very dark. Where as the Belgian Witbier would be brewed without the use of any hops, instead fruits and spices were used making its colour light to golden. While unified in many similarities, (usually) 50% wheat content and unfiltered to mention only two, the regional difference are prominent which create a stark contrast in finished brew.

Our own Salted Lime Wit

We made this one in collaboration with our good friends at Bad Seed Brewery. Following the tradition recipe, we used 2/3 Wheat and 1/3 Pilsner Malt. We added Kaffir Lime Leaves, to add a very lively lemon and lime taste, while offering a unique aroma and flavour, making it perfect to be paired with the traditional pilsner malt. Motueka hops, which you’ll know from our New Zealand pale ale Monacus were mixed into the brew and finally the limes that had been conditioned in salt to finalise the process.

It came out a beautiful golden colour, full and rounded with bready malts, with long zesty flavour finishing, dry with a hint of salt.

Available in our refectory and all our good friends establishments!