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The For the North Foundation is NOT a registered charity, it is a grant scheme where funding is decided by the For the North Foundation panel based on matching criteria and values that mirror those of Northern Monk. However, it is still very important that guidelines and terms are outlined and adhered to by all parties involved in the grant process.

Below are the standard conditions that we ask grant applicants to sign up to when applying for a grant from the For the North Foundation. These conditions are provided here only for the application process; we will send all successful grant holders a Conditions of Grant document specific to their grant at the time of making the offer.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend these terms & conditions with 4 weeks’ notice.

1. Submission Conditions

1.1. Criteria – Projects included in the application must aim to provide a genuine benefit to the community or to reduce environmental impact in the North.

1.2. Age – Applicants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of submission.

1.3. Location – The For the North Foundation aims to target improvements specifically in the North of the UK. As the North is not officially determined by longitude and latitude, the For the North Foundation will decide on the viability of your project’s location during the approval process.

1.4. Permission – Applicants must either be the lead party of the project they are including within their submission or have permission from the project lead. Third party applications will not be accepted.

1.5. Commercial gain – Grants will not be offered to projects where private or personal commercial gain is the primary objective. For the North Foundation grants are available to projects where community and environmental improvement is the focus.

1.6. Additional funding – For the North Foundation will offer £5,000 grants, no more and no less. Should additional funding be required by a project, this would need to be subject to an additional application.

1.7. Marketing – All applicants agree for Northern Monk and the For the North Foundation to conduct PR and marketing activity should their application be successful.

2. Grant Conditions

2.1 Due Diligence Process – Once applications have been reviewed, any deemed to have matched the criteria will be subject to a period of no-obligation due diligence. During this time, the For the North Foundation will contact applicants to gather more information and arrange an interview (either by video link or in-person). There will also be a level of legal and financial review conducted by For the North Foundation lawyers. Once due diligence is complete, the For the North Foundation will decide whether to progress with the project grant or to decline.

2.2 Distribution of the Grant – The £5,000 grant will be awarded in one lump sum within 1 month of the agreement and signing of the Conditions of Grant document. A timescale of when the grant needs to be used by will be agreed upon in the Conditions of Grant document.

2.3 Retraction of Offer – The For the North Foundation reserve the right to decline and/or retract a grant offer within the due diligence period should a project’s criteria not match those outlined in the Conditions of Grant document.

2.4 Purpose of use – The grant must only be used for the project and in accordance with your proposal, as amended by any conditions arising during assessment (set out and agreed during the due diligence process) and any other amendments agreed in writing by the For the North Foundation. Any changes in use of the grant after the date of this agreement, and any significant changes to the project, must have the prior written agreement of the For the North Foundation.

2.5 Equipment and capital items – For the sale of capital items where 100% of the cost is funded by the For the North Foundation, the items must be used for the purposes of the project. If you wish to sell or dispose of the item (other than in order to make a direct replacement), or use it for any other purpose, either during or after the end of the project, you must obtain the For the North Foundation’s prior written approval, which may be conditional on our being compensated for such use. Timescales for the approved sale of capital items will vary per item – this is outlined in more detail in the Conditions of Grant document.

2.6 Salaries – If any part of the grant is used to fund the employment of staff, the staff must devote substantially all their salaried time to the funded activity. Staff appointed should be recruited through open advertising whether the post is advertised internally or externally.

2.7 Unspent funds – any funds that are unspent at the end of the grant period (outlined in the Conditions of Grant document) must be promptly returned to the For the North Foundation, unless we give prior written approval to a written request either proposing how unspent funds will be used, or for an extension of the grant period. Proposals for the use of unspent funds must be for work that is consistent with the overall aims of the original grant. You may not use the unspent funds without our prior written approval.

2.8 Licensing and Insurance – all applicants must ensure that the correct licenses and insurance policies are in place for their project before applying for the grant. Should the due diligence phase raise issues with licenses or insurance, the grant process will be terminated.

2.9(a) Recall of Funds Part 1 – We reserve the right to:
(a) make the grant subject to further conditions at any time
(b) suspend this Agreement;

2.9(b) Recall of Funds Part 2 – We may exercise any of the rights set out in clause 2.9(a) and above with immediate effect if you:
(a) fail to comply with any of the obligations in this grant, in particular those relating to licenses or insurance;
(b) do not use the grant for the purpose for which we gave it to you;
(c) fail to complete the project within the agreed timeframe or within a reasonable period;
(d) fail to make satisfactory progress or there is no reasonable chance of meeting the Project aims within the agreed timeframe;
(e) provide misleading or inaccurate information or in any way act fraudulently;
(f) fail to treat our staff with an appropriate level of respect;
(g) you become bankrupt; or
(h) do anything which, in our opinion, could bring us or the grant into disrepute.

3. Other conditions

Requests for further funding must be the subject of a new submission. The grant will not be increased in the event of any overspend in delivering the project, or any liabilities arising at the end of the project. You may not use the grant to pay for commitments entered into before the start date. Reclaimable Value Added Tax (VAT) must not be included among costs to be met from the agreed budget.



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